"To doctor Max Wilms (1867-1918), who discovered how to cure constipation with a simple operation that has been abandoned and forgotten by surgeons for decades. To patients, particularly women, who have suffered for many years not only their physical ailments, but also an authentic discrimination due to the lack of understanding by their relatives, physicians  and society in general."

The aim of this page is mainly to publicize our research and excellent results after more then 20 years and more than 600 patients treating constipation with cecopexy (cecum fixation), which is a simple surgical operation, very similar to the operation performed in cases of appendicitis, but with a lower risk (see the section on Cecopexy).

The relationship between constipation and mobile cecum was recently demonstrated in a study performed in Cuba by Dr. Maura Bouza, under supervision of Dr. Ahmed Guzmán.

Headaches, meteorism, hypermenorrhea or dyspareunia  are some of the accompanying symptoms of chronic constipation (see the section on
Constipation). Those symptoms also disappear after cecopexy if they are not caused by other etiologies.

We also try to promote the use of this same technique to treat the irritable bowel syndrome or spastic colon. We think that the use of cecopexy to treat the irritable bowel syndrome is offered for the first time in the history of medicine as a specific treatment for this frequent and annoying disease (see the section on Spastic Colon).

The surgical technique and results of cecopexy for the treatment of chronic idiopathic constipation, as well as its historical background, can be read in our book Constipation is a Disease, that can be downloaded as a compressed file by clicking on the section Free Book.

We wish that our research and endeavors are helpful, both to physicians and patients.

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